Opening a Jquery UI Modal Dialog shows a scroll bar on parent page

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I got a chance to use Jquery UI‘s Modal dialog in my application. Now, whenever we used to open a dialog and when we open it, it was showing scroll-bar on parent page.


After doing a bit research and finally thought to use following solution, which worked for us: [Main logic lies in open and close event!]
Basically, above solution sets body’s overflow to hidden in open event and auto in close event. Which works fine for all browsers except IE7.  What’s the solution? Why?
Solution is you need to set overflow hidden of html element as well along with body.
Why so?
Excerpt from

Applying overflow-x:hidden or overflow-y:hidden; to the body element of the document will not work. The overflow-x:hidden or overflow-y:hidden must be applied to the html element, not body element.

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