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You got stuck with any error/technical challenge? Deadline is in front of? Your client/manager needs the thing on time? Are you a project trainee? Creating your first project and don’t know from where to start and how to start? You need technical expertise for your project/challenge?
If you have any of the above question(s). I’m here to help you. Drop me an email at with details in-brief and I will get back to you ASAP.
Please note that this service is chargeable and charges may vary as per the problem/challenge.


  • I am facing a problem in Data Adapter, please come to my desk for further proceedings.

    • Hi Devang!
      Apologize for delay in reply.
      I hope your problem is fixed now. The main issue was with your stored procedure which was not returning any data using SELECT statement. But it was returning data using OUTPUT parameters. And DataAdapter’s fill method works based on SELECT statement’s returned data.
      If need more inputs from my side. Feel free to drop me a line.
      Happy Coding & Reading! 🙂
      Kiran Patil

  • hi,
    I am facing problem while running silverlight application. Actually I have installed visual studio 2010 and then i have installed silverlight 4 toolkit. But when i create a new project with C# in silverlight it does not show me option of Silverlight Application. But in VB it shows me option. When i run a simple application of Hello world, it shows me web development error. But i have installed the IIS and it shows me running. This is where i am actually facing problem.

  • hi,
    i am facing a problem with siverlight project .In this project media element control is is playing
    MediaElement.Source=new Uri(“Path”,UriKind.Relative);;
    s not working IsThere any another way .This i am facing the problem

  • Hi Kiran,
    I read your blog its really nice.
    I like WCF articles most and also WCF service.

    • Thank you for the appreciation, it matters a lot!
      Keep reading, keep sharing! 🙂
      Kiran Patil

  • Hi Kiran,
    Just came across this blog. Congratulations on your expertise and attitude!
    I live in Portugal, coding is a hobby to me. I’m into small little projects and don’t really know people who can mentor or help me out when I can’t get things to work. Sometimes I take months to figure out how to code something, other times I just give up.
    Quite a lot of trial and error, which coul most probably be avoided if I could have technical support from an expert.
    I see this blog has been busier in the past. Maybe you are now timewise less available to keep up, but could you please let me know if you are still open to help out an amateur programmer like me (for a fee, of course). If you aren’t, could you suggest some friend of yours sharing the same mindset, who could take on that little consulting/mentoring/technical support function?
    Thanks a lot
    Best regards,

    • Hey Paulo,
      Apologize for delay in reply. Thanks for the nice words!
      Super Busy — else I would have loved to share my craft with you!
      But if you have any specific questions, feel free to ask! (for free, of course)
      Happy Coding,

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