Presentation on coding standards and best programming practices


Luckily, I got sometime to come back on this blog and share something with you!
After getting bit experience, making few mistakes [and obviously learning from them] I thought to write an article on coding standards and best programming practices, I know few of you say there are the lot of articles available on web from big guns on this topic. And I agree with you. But all of them are “document” and I’ve penned down “presentation” which shares the best practices in a lighter way! and obviously “reading document” sounds bit boring and “reading presentation” sounds bit interesting and fun! That’s what I think “Coding should be fun!” 🙂
I had started working on this article, and revised it so many times, got it reviewed from friends, got their feedback and included it in the document. Initially planned to give this presentation to audience in person. But due to one or other reasons this idea didn’t work. PPT was ready and was lying in my folder since so long. Today, I thought that I should share it here. So, It will be available to larger audience.


It covers following topics:

  • Naming Conventions and Standards
  • Indentation, spacing and comments
  • Coding Best Practices
  • Database Best Practices
  • ASP.NET Best Practices
  • Exception Handling and Logging
  • Visual Studio IDE Tips and Tricks

You can download it from following links:
C# Coding Standards And Best Programming Practices (PDF)
C# Coding Standards And Best Programming Practices (PPT)
Also you can have a quick look from below and if you find it interesting then only you can download 🙂
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Thanks to all of them who provided their invaluable suggestions, feedback, and helped me to proof read this PPT.
Eager to listen your views/suggestions/comments/feedback.
If you really liked it, then please spread it. So, it will be beneficial to everyone!
Happy Coding! 🙂