Debug Your ASP.NET Application that Hosted on IIS


One of my friend asked me that how we can debug Website which is hosted on IIS? The answer was quite simple and I am using it since so long. But I thought I should document it and that’s why putting the information on this blog. So when you guys need to do this, you can do it!


First I thought to write my own article. But suddenly thought some one might have already written on this, and I found following nice article:
Article is so nice — Good Job Blog Author!
Just two things I would like to add to it which is as below:

  1. Shortcut for Attach to process menu is CTRL + ALT + P.
  2. If you are using windows XP then you will not find “w3wp.exe“. You will find “aspnet_wp.exe

If you found this post helpful say thanks to CodeProject article author.
Happy Debugging! 🙂