Firebug with Internet Explorer


If you are a big fan of Firebug (So, as I!) which is available as an add-on with Firefox and when you have to work on particular challenge where you need to check it in IE only where Developer Toolbar is available. But unfortunately I never enjoyed working with it! (So, as you?)
So, was wondering is it possible to use Firebug with IE, and as it has been said, When there is a will, there is a way. And here’s the way to do it!


The answer is – Firebug Lite — It is a lightweight version of Firefox to help you debug issues rapidly!
How to use it?

  1. Go to —
  2. You will find Stable/Debug/Beta/Developer channel link — Will use Stable one!
  3. Open a page, which you would like to troubleshoot or if you are using master page concept in ASP.NET then have it in master page.
  4. Now, you can download firebug lite files and have it in your website directory and give relative path or to make things simple and faster you can give direct link to firebug lite
  5. Open your page and Include the given code at the top of the <head> of your page
  6. Run your page, and you are done!

Just a note: Sometime, I think that if Firebug would have not been around, then how tough web developer’s life would have been!
Happy Troubleshooting! 🙂