Leading is like parenting!

Thanks a lot for appreciating my first article on non-technical subject! (You haven’t had a read at it? Come on, lot of people liked it, and I hope you too! — Leadership basics!)
Your motivation has inspired me to write another blog post on same topic, leadership!
Leading is like parenting!, yes you heard right! Leading is like parenting! — This is what I’ve observed and analyzed, good leaders are like good parents! Not convinced correct? I know you are an engineer, to who E=MC2 also needs to be proved! 🙂 Let me try to prove it!
Below are few of the characteristics of good leader and good parent: (Just a note : Let me repeat, it stands true with good parent/leader. If you apply negation and read it again everything will be true in other way!)




Takes care They always take care of their team members, day in and day out they keep thinking about team! Do you agree that parents do the same? Parent always think of their Kids and they take best care of them, and if they need to suffer a bit for doing so, they will do it? So, as great leaders!
Future They always think about their team’s future! What’s good for their Kid!
Appreciates They appreciate in public If they have identified any quality of their kids, they will appreciate it In public and lets everyone know!
Criticizes If something is not right, let team member know, right now. Before it gets tough to manage! Can easily let you know, what wrong you are doing!
Laugh with you and shout on you! They laugh with you, But if he/she feels you are spoiled down, just give a shout in private! And you will never feel bad on their shout. Because you know they are saying for your goodness only! They always do this for our great future!
Holds your finger During your initial days, will hold your fingers and help you to understand everything! Do you remember who taught you how to walk? As far as I know, still this point of time there is no any APP in Android/App market for doing this! 🙂
Steps back When you are ready to fly, you won’t come to know that he has taken a step back and watching you from a distance, that how you are performing! Riding a bicycle, he/she will be with you still some point of time, and still the time you realize he/she is not there, you might have learnt how to ride a bicycle!
Protective With them you feel safe, they protect you from outsiders! You always feel secure with them!
Let you fail Good leaders, always protect their team. But at times, they let you get failed! Do you know why? Because If you haven’t learnt how to deal with failure, other things are in vain. Also, failure is a lousy teacher! If success teaches you 1 lesson, failure will teach you 100! – I firmly believe that “Failure is the key to success” They know, that If you can’t manage handle of a bicycle you will fall down. So, what? This is beginning and then only you will learn to wake up and say again! I will do it this time!
When you are down, they will make you up! Okay you failed, you are down! Feeling bad? Just turnaround, good leader will be standing next to you to motivate you and help you how to get out of it! Whatever worst happens with you, they are always by your side! Because they know you are right! – And trust me with their support you can overcome any situation!
Clear expectations They Communicate expectations to you and vice-versa! If you get distinction, will get you this?
Trust you Whatever happens they trust you! Always have a full trust on you!
Let you enjoy! Let you enjoy, with task and sometime without task as well! Let you enjoy your life without any interruptions!
Motivates to learn Always motivates you to learn, something new. Even though sometime you think I’ve learnt a lot. But he/she got some plans for your future! And you like it or not, will ask you to learn, learn and learn! And you see benefit of it in a longer run! Do you remember, your parents always telling you study, study, study? And you wanted to go for Cricket, TV and Games. But they made sure that you do your studies! And see today you are Engineer! 🙂

Happy Leading! 🙂


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