1,50,000 blog hits and growing

I still remember my 1,00,000 hits blog which I wrote on 23rd August 2011. And today Just saw that we crossed 1,50,000 blog hits and this not an end this is just beginning because I know that you — my blog readers – will keep visiting, reading, and sharing my blog. Thanks to each and every visitor for contributing in to this count so all credit goes to you! — Thank you again!

1,50,000 Hits
1,50,000 Hits

I remember that I’ve started blogging from December 2007 and till today I’m learning how to write a good blog — yeah agree that each and every day I’ve learnt a lot!

One thing which motivates me a most to keep my blog alive and writing tirelessly, Is people’s comments. When I check the comments people says “Oh man you saved my day”, “Thank you”. Frankly speaking it stimulates a lot. It absorbs all my day’s tiredness and inspires me to write one new blog 🙂 [So, If you like anything — not only on my blog or virtual world. I am talking about all aspects. Then don’t forget to appreciate it!]. Some comments I would like to share with you:

THANK YOU THANK YOU! Days of Tracking down solution NONE WORKED!!! EXCEPT

YOURS! This is was a great Help. Thank you Very Much. Even Microsofts sight, did not have this solution for this probolem….like that is a surprise!

Thank god there are people like you. And of course all you others that came here as me…



Thanks a lot it worked for me… :)

thank you ,it’s helped me alot

wow…life is truely an enjoyable mystery sometimes(with a few bumps/challenges here and there). I got your link from an email one of our developers sent another programmer. I saw what the conversation was about so I followed the link (I also do some programming). After reading a few of your posts and your comments, I was truely impressed with your spirit. Aside from programming, it was nice to stumble upon your site and to walk away with a few tid-bits of inspiration…code, life. In this world today, we all need to remind each other of gratitude, thankfulness, and yes, happiness. Thank you my friend for letting your heart shine.

Thanks for the tip…

really helped me.I also want to do a similar thing. and it works fine

Thank you, this was driving me nuts and changing to a dataset finally gotit working. Awesome!

You, my friend, are a god-send. This is exactly the fix I needed. I’ve spent a couple days trying to get my vbs files to work and was about to give up and rebuild this XP machine.

Thank you.

Thanks Kiran..!

The solution rele worked..

After searching a lot on the net finally got the solution..

Thanks to your Blog..

You Rock Man..! Cheers..!

Worked like a champ.

May Allah give u peace…

nice..it helps me alot…


Super Duper Work Superman…!

Thanks kiranpatils for such lovely blogs you write…

They are a great source of knowledge as well as inspiration to me and I surely know to many others….

Awesome! Saved me some time here – thanks!

Awesome, tried this 100% working. Thank you heaps.

Thank you very much for this article..I got a clear idea of web service

This is our MAN OF MICROSOFT..


I want you all people to encourage his blogging and appreciate his affords to share his excellent and oustanding knowledge which he has gained by hard work. ( 😉 i knw the way he worked for excellancy, productivity and knowledge gaining for .Net Framework ) if his answer really help you out (which i strongly believe his solution will 100000000% work). You can keep close your eyes and do what he says 😉 and there you are with your all answers.

Finally I would again say “MAN OF MICROSOFT” and one of my BESTEST buddy ever. [though hardly get to talk and meet]

HOPE TO SEE YOU SOOOOOOOOON ON THE LIST OF “MVPs”….(You very well know how long its been I am waiting to see you on MVPs List so please make it faster brother)


Thanks for this post. It has been driving me nuts to figure how to make “LinksTreeView.FindNode(txtPath.Text);” work with populateondemand set to true.

And many more.. — If I share all of them then this blog post will be too huge!

Here’s the Stats Summary which I would like to share with you:

Quick Facts

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  • Total Visits 2008 : 23,606
  • Total Visits 2009 : 46,991
  • Total Visits 2010 : 47,088
  • Total Visits 2011(till date) : 31,996
  • Average Visits per Day : 190

Thanks to all who inspired and appreciated my work – Yes I am saying thanks to you – My friends,readers and daily visitors!

Happy Reading! 🙂