Remote desktop in the same session


I want to access my machine from another machine using Remote desktop with the same credentials at both the places. But when i do remote desktop from another machine using “mstsc” and my Machine Name then it gives me new session. But i want my same old session as i have so many programs runing on it and so many files are open. Pls note that i am doing this using Windows Server 2003.


I googled it bit. But in the mean time one of my colleague told me to use “mstsc /console” to access the same session. And it’s working :). Then i read a bit and found that in Windows XP it will always give you console mode — means if user is same then same session will be given. While in Windows Server 2003 you have to use “mstsc /console”. Here are the steps:
1. Go to Run(Window + R).
2. type “mstsc /console”. [Without quotes]
3. Which will open Remote Desktop connection dialgobox. Provide computer as your machine name/ip address on which you would like to connect.
4. Provide the credentials[pls note that credentials should be the same means if on A machine X user is logged in then from B machine X user should log in].
5. That’s it!
Happy Remoting! 🙂