Access Internet/Local Website from Your Windows Mobile Device Emulators


If you want to access any website Or You want your locally developed mobile application/web application to be viewed in Windows Device Emulator then you are at the right post.

  1. Download ActiveSync and install on your local machine where you would like to run Emulator. How to setup ActiveSync?
  2. Open Visual Studio and click on Tools | Connect to Device:


  1. Select Device emulator to run and say connect.


  1. It will open your device emulator:


  1. Verify that ActiveSync is up and running by its symbol in Notification Area.


  1. Open Device Emulator Manager


  1. Currently running Device Emulator Manager will be shown in Green.


  1. Right click and say “Cradle”


  1. As you click on Cradle ActiveSync window will popup. Select Guest Partnership[Or better do cancel it will by default to Guest Mode]. If your Emulator got synced with ActiveSync then Notification Icon will go Green.
  1. Now you are ready to access website.
    1. Internet – Enter your URL.


    1. Local – To Access your Local Website which is running on Cassini(Development Web Server). To access it you need to access it by IP ADDRESS:PORTNUMBER. Please note that you can’t access it by localhost:PORTNO Because localhost points to Emulator’s localhost and it will never go to your machine. You have to see both Emulator and your local machine as a two different devices even though they are running on same machine.

If this blog helped you. Say a big thanks to my friends who always give me a shout whenever they found something challenging like this and inspire me to learn a new things which finally inspires me to pen down on my blog and share with you 🙂
Happy Emulating!
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